Sneak Peek

A logo for our new title is done (or rather we’ve decided to show it now), ….. (yes! you know it) after so many rounds of changes, hopefully this time we are really really really settled with this one. So here is how this thing transformed from a simple outline to the final colored version. ...

Successfully Submitted

We’re very excited. We’re eager to know the result. Share this:

Counting The Days

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Game Assets

Trying to finish up with all the game assets, specifically the artwork, seems like endless task. Sometimes your creative juices flow just like that, as if there’s a dispenser connected to your brain. Kudos to all the designers around the world that makes every tiny little pieces into something that can be admired, you guys ...

Testing & Fine Tuning

Thank God, we finally reach this stage! Busy making a set of checklist in order to get a clear report on how bad & how many bug crawling inside our codes.Although it’s a very tiring process and many repetitive actions in between, but this stage supposed to give us more stamina to charge a few ...

WIP : Character #2 & #3

Time to post up another WIP after spending some times writing, tweaking, trimming the code. A lot of times got carried away by that activities and sacrificing this blog as a definite regrettable consequences. Hope to post updates more often from now on. Share this:

WIP : Character #1

Introducing character#1, which will be appeared in the game that we’re working right now. Each of them will represent a state of  expression. More coming up, as soon as the pics are ready to be released for public viewing. Share this: