Echoes of The War Drum

How do we know that something is coming our way? You’re right! Many times we will hear the echoes of a sound…. And this time round, it’s the echoes of something about victory or doom,……. the echoes of the war drum. It’s a day you define the fate of your nation, Your Highness.

As we told you before, right now we are terribly-energetically-tirelessly(we hope) excited of making a new title on tower defense genre with a multi player feature. Everyday is like a roller-coaster ride. Sometime we got carried away by so many things that we want to put it to this game, but then again we have to consider another strategy, taking into consideration of our small team and tiny little budget.

Nevertheless, we will put on our armor, prepare the helmet, sharpening the swords and carry the shield to focus ourselves on this forthcoming battle.

(Credits to for this gorgeous pic of their pugs)

Naaaah, jokes aside….below is the real glimpse of our toy soldiers. These are the characters we came out with, representing royal guards and the higher rank general.


OK, that’s all for today, hope you guys have a nice starting day of the week!